Over Night Desert safari


A tour for those who love the wilderness of the desert along with the lifestyle that goes with it

An Overnight stay in the desert is not something most people would love to do; unless they are nature lovers and like sleeping under the stars while camping out. Not everybody likes to camp out in the middle of a desert either, because they do not like to go solo and have no one to guide them. An Overnight desert safari tour in Dubai gives you the comforts of modern day living along with the old world charm of the Arab world; with a chance to sleep in the vastness of the desert under the stars.

This overnight safari in Dubai gives you and group of family or friends, plenty of time to enjoy the entertaining evening activities at the campsite; along with a chance to camp out in the desert overnight. The tour starts off from the city where the specially modified 4X4 SUV’s will pick you, your friends or family and usher you into the desert which bathes in the warmth of the evening sun. Once the road ends our professionally trained drivers will deflate the vehicle tires; after which the Dune Bashing begins. You and your relatives will be safe and secure as the 30 minute roller coaster ride up and down the gigantic desert dunes raises the adrenalin levels; while the city fades in the background, as you venture deeper into the desert, closer to the safari campsite.

The dune bashing will surely build up an appetite which is why soft drinks, refreshments will be waiting for you at the campsite on your arrival. Refreshed and with high spirits you now have a variety of activities to indulge in before the sun sets; for those who simply love the adrenalin rush, Dune buggies, ATV’s and Quad-bikes will be provided depending on the package chosen (tours can be modified according to the visitors requirements). For nature lovers a camel ride around the campsite along with a visit to the camel farm, provide a lot of photography opportunities with the locals; and will help them absorb the desert lifestyle which Dubai has long forgotten. The vast wilderness of the desert will give shutterbugs and professionals alike, the opportunity to photograph the desert landscape during sunset. Other activities for those who want to relax and stay put in the camps also involve Henna painting, Sheesha smoking and much more; as evening turns to night. Special arrangements are also made for those who would like to skip all of the adrenalin-pumping rides; and prefer a quieter and relaxed tour of the desert along with the dinner and camping.

The campsite is well-appointed with traditional Arabic carpets and decor giving you an authentic desert safari camping experience. Here is where you can relax and recall the evening’s activities as you sip on some Arabic Coffee, on the lowered tables with friends and family. A 5-star BBQ and buffet dinner consisting of the best meats (including vegetarian food on request) is served for those who have built-up an appetite with the evening’s activities; following which, the highlight of the evening begins. The gorgeous belly-dancer will then tantalize you with her moves and also invite you to try out and take part in some belly dancing as well.

After all the entertainment activities are over and all of the crowds have left, you and your friends can stay awake or even hold a party as your entire tour can be customised by us. We arrange for everything, including cakes for birthdays to private movie screenings for groups. It is all about having a good time and then winding up in the private tents, sleeping bags and blankets which will be provided for you and your friends.

Wake up the next morning to the aroma of fresh Arabic Coffee and a buffet breakfast to fuel you up; after which the vehicles depart to take you back to the city.

What to bring along:

All of the above activities would require you to carry along some standard items that would really come in handy during the activities of Dubai desert safari.

  • Wear loose clothing (mainly white to help deflect the heat) to keep your body well ventilated)
  • Sneakers (to protect your feet from the heat of the desert as well as from minor shocks or bumps while riding or driving the desert vehicles)
  • An extra set of clothes (because your clothes would be filled with sand in case you have chosen to ride either the ATVs, quad bikes or Dune buggies as a part of your tour package)
  • Towels (would most probably be provided at the camp site but it is wise to carry your own to wipe off sweat until you get there)
  • Camera
  • Money

Not recommended for:

As mentioned above, special arrangements are also made for those who would like to skip all of the adrenalin-pumping rides; and prefer a quieter and a rather relaxed tour of the desert along with the dinner and camping. But the desert activities including Dune Bashing, ATV, Quad Bike, Dune Buggy rides along with sports such as Sand Boarding, are not recommended for:

  • Pregnant Women
  • People with Back/Neck problems
  • The rides are not handicapped accessible
  • Individuals with Heart/Respiratory problems
  • Individuals who have recently had an Arm or a Hand surgery

Tour Details:

  1. Pick up in the evening (from the designated pick up points within the city) at around 4:30PM
  2. Dune bashing
  3. Camel rides
  4. Sand boarding on the sand dunes
  5. ATV, Quad bike or Dune buggy rides (depending on the package chosen)
  6. Live Belly Dance Performance
  7. Bar for Liquor
  8. Henna Painting
  9. Sheesha Smoking
  10. Arabic Coffee and fresh Arabian Dates
  11. Traditional costumes called Qandoras
  12. Unlimited soft drinks, tea coffee and mineral water
  13. 5 Star Buffet Dinner with BBQ Meats (vegetarian food also available on request)
  14. Sleep bags and blankets will be provided
  15. Breakfast – Tea/Coffee, toast, butter/jam, egg and juice.
  16. Departure at 8.30 am next morning
  17. A minimum of 2 people are required for a booking
  18. Drop off time: 8:30 AM

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