Quad Bike Safari


Your chance to feel the exhilaration of the Quad life!

The quad biking safari is our way of showing you that excitement, exhilaration and fun can all be rolled up into one compact package. The quad bikes at Dubai Desert Safari Tours are fully automatic and require no special skills. All that’s needed is the booking for fun and a yearning to spend some time in the desert sun.

Riding a quad bike is easy and we also have specially trained staff to get you started on your way. Anyone over 12 years of age should be able to pick up the ropes and follow the instructions. Quad bike tours are perfect for some good old family bonding or just duning with friends. They also lend themselves to excursions that are corporate by nature where colleagues can build upon their team skills in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

While we’ll provide you the quads and the training, here’s what you need to do:

Stuff to bring along:

  • Your fun attitude
  • A spare change of clothing
  • Sun block
  • Camera
  • Money

Dress Sense:

  • It’d be nice to leave those fashionable threads for elsewhere. Quad biking necessitates attire that can keep the sand out. So essentially, you’ll need to go for something that covers you from ankle-to-wrist
  • Footwear that’s comfortable while offering enough protection to the ankles and feet
  • A bottle of water to keep you hydrated
  • A towel for the time when you’ll be sweating it out

Quad Biking is an intense activity. So it may not be the one for you if you’ve

  • Recently had surgery
  • Suffer from Vertigo
  • Have a weak back
  • Are prone to heat-stroke

Timings & Pricing:

The timings differ and are subject to quad bike availability. Tour prices begin at AED 430 per adult but they vary according to requirements. It is therefore advisable to Contact Us, to check and confirm when booking with us. Do note that the decision of Dubai Desert Safari Tours shall be binding and final under all circumstances.